Forensic Mental Health / Expert Witness

I attended Debra’s presentation on Parental Alienation and Estrangement in May 2016.  It was overall an excellent presentation and I left it feeling like I’d taken an entire course on the topic.  Debra provided a clear and concise overview of these issues, how parental alienation differs from estrangement, and she also covered how therapists, child coordinators and the courts handle these matters. I appreciated how generously she shared her knowledge and practical tips for parents struggling with custody and parenting issues related to divorce.  I attend a lot of continuing legal education seminars, and have for many years as a practicing attorney and mediator. This was one of the best programs I’ve been to.  The written materials she provided were also great. 


Alison Patton Attorney and Mediator Writer, Lecturer and Contributor to Huffington Post

Debra has done some amazing work as the court ordered reunification therapist in one of my cases.  Our judge has commented on her hard work.  Her involvement in the case has been a definite win-win for the parties and the attorneys in helping the minor children.

Iris McKayAttorney at Law, Moore, Schulman & Moore, APC

Family Mediation

I wanted to thank you for the help you provided us in creating the parenting plan during the divorce mediation.

It has been six months since we separated and the shared custody of our daughter is going very well.  We have followed your guidelines on communication…keep requests in the form of proposals, and to not write when upset or angry, nor speak negatively of each other.  We are working well in the shared parenting and our daughter seems to be doing well.

I think it would have been difficult to create a comprehensive and successful a parenting plan without your help.  The parenting plan and your advice have been very helpful and has made the process much smoother for all of us.

Maureen B.Parent going through divorce

I feel Debra was the first person that genuinely cared about the welfare of our family without the motivation of draining our checking account which seems to be ever prevalent in the family law community. She is skilled at mediation techniques and has a distinctive brilliance that shines through her communication skills. She inspired me to change my patterns of thought, which had previously spun me in circles in family court. She taught me that it is possible to change the entire direction of your life without the participation of the other parent, i.e. it takes two to tango but one to stop the dance.

Heather H.Parent in a High Conflict Post-Divorce Custody Issue

Divorce Coach

It was a difficult situation going in, but preparing as we did helped me manage my thoughts and emotions! Debra is very knowledgeable. She was able to answer all my questions and gave solutions to all my problems. It was worth the time and money invested. I absolutely would recommend Debra to another parent.

GregParent in High Conflict Post-Divorce Parenting

“Debra,  I have given your name out to others in regards to setting up Family Plans. You were the best person in our whole divorce process and we stuck by the plan that you helped to create back in June of 2012… even though not until the final MSA was a long time in coming.

The rest of it was just a ridiculous process and we had our share of unprofessional and unproductive people who were “assigned” to help mediate us. I won’t go into that. As I said, you were the best person to work with and to actually draw a conclusion/completed document for us to work from. My first comments in my first meeting … was that all I wanted was my kids and keep them in their bedrooms. That is all I cared about. I was able to accomplish that and now moving on.

I have given your name out to others and would recommend you anytime to families that are going through such tragedies as we did.”

Andrea P.Parenting Plan Coaching & Mediation

Coaching & Counseling

Debra is hands-down amazing. She gives her time, effort and energy wholeheartedly to others. She has an incredible gift of providing insight and clarity on difficult matters and then offers coaching and support to help one work toward success. I have a great admiration for Debra’s numerous areas of expertise. I have already recommended her to many friends and colleagues and highly encourage anyone who feels off- track in any area of their life to reach out to Debra.

Elizabeth NCoaching through life transitions