Forensic Services include the following specialties:

      • Psychological Testing for Mental Health Issues
      • Child Custody (Parenting Time) Assessments
      • Vocational Evaluation for Spousal Support Assessment
      • Parent Coordinator in High Conflict Divorce Cases
      • Reunification Counseling / Coaching

Whether functioning as your case consultant, vocational specialist, expert witness in a family law matter, or mediating parenting plans, my clients are delivered creative solutions for difficult problems.

I consult with attorneys and individuals on mental health issues in family law matters, engage in case analysis, research complex issues, and develop strategies to move difficult situations into achievable solutions.

These services are built on more than 20 years of experience as a Marriage Family Therapist, Mediator and Vocational Evaluation Consultant which includes 1 year as as an interim Mediator for Imperial County Family Court Services.

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“Debra has done some amazing work as the court ordered reunification therapist in one of my cases.  Our judge has commented on her hard work.  Her involvement in the case has been a definite win-win for the parties and the attorneys in helping the minor children.”

Iris McKay, Attorney at LawMoore, Schulman & Moore, APC