About Relationships That Matter

I founded Relationships That Matter in 2005 when I realized that my work focused on people in their relationships that matter most…at work and at home.  Today, I help you discover how to recover from the dramas and traumas in their past to discover happiness within so that relationships can turnaround!   It takes courage to confront difficult family situations…to face death, loss and change.

What you learn by working with me are the skills to strengthen relationships, from troubled to cooperative, by reducing conflict and improving communication.  Here’s how I can help…

  • Estates & Trusts:  Dealing with the inevitable – death of a parent.
  • Divorce Coaching & Mediation:  When the marriage doesn’t survive.
  • Reunification Strategies: For parents estranged from their children.
  • Child Custody Evaluations:  Helping decide what’s in the best interests of the children.
  • Spousal Support Vocational Evaluations:  Establishing potential income when it’s time to go back to work after divorce.
We deliver neutral, objective third-party assistance while also providing encouragement, optimism and compassion for people going through tough times in life.  We support you in taking a look at yourself and those important to you, without blame and shame, so that you and your family can reach new levels of interaction, communication and growth.
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